Emergency Information


TRANSFERS  356-6012
BUSINESS  356-6013

The Johnson County Ambulance Service will respond in case of Medical Emergencies.


BUSINESS 643-2110

The West Branch Fire Department provides fire fighting service for Modern Manor. In case of a fire, call 911 and then notify the park manager at 338-5371 as soon as possible.

All tenants should purchase and maintain in operating condition a 5 pound ABC type fire extinguisher to prevent small fires from becoming large fires.

All manufactured homes should have working fire smoke alarms in the bedroom areas. Heat tapes on water lines should be checked before each heating season and replaced every three to five years.

Each tenant is required to display the address number on the front of the home. Numbers are to be NOT LESS THAN 3” IN HEIGHT and are to be legible from the street at all hours.


BUSINESS 356-6020

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office should be called when law enforcement assistance is required. Please do your part in calling the Sheriff’s Office if criminal action or vandalism is observed on anyone’s property. Be willing to file charges, as you would want your neighbor to do the same for you. Please notify the park manager of any incident as soon as possible.




To contact Modern Manor Security, call the pager number and enter your message when prompted, being sure to include your telephone number so Security may call you back. In reporting to Security, please provide as much information as possible to include descriptions: make, model, color, license number of any automobile involved; race, gender, height, weight, hair color, glasses, distinguishing marks of individuals involved. Provide the address of where the problem is along with the dates of activity. Be prepared to provide this information in writing if requested.

Modern Manor Security is NOT a substitute or replacement for Emergency 911 services including ambulance, fire, or law enforcement protection, nor is it a substitute for electrical or gas utilities emergency calls. This is our own “in-house” service for our community to keep a watchful eye on activities not acceptable by our residents and their guest. This service is in addition to those public services mentioned.