Satillite Television

Satellite dishes are allowed provided they are 18”or less in diameter and are to be attached to the rear of the home so as to as invisible from the street as possible. If possible, the dish is not to extend above the homes roofline. No more than two satellite dishes may be attached to any unit. Cables and connectors shall not be visible on the outside of the home. All cables and connections shall be located under the home and siding. If in-home access is through the walls, all cables and connections shall be routed under the siding of the home and not viewable.


Modern Manor is located within the Iowa City Community School District.

Lake Ridge is located within the Iowa City Community School District.

IOWA CITY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT is accredited by the Iowa State Department of Education. Please check with the ICCSD Central Administration Office with any questions you may have regarding their services and curriculum.

School bus service is provided by the Iowa City Community School District for those students in the Iowa City Community School District elementary, junior high and high school grades.

Central Administration Office Phone: 688-1000 509 S. Dubuque St. Iowa City IA 52240 http:// www.iccsd.k12.ia.us

Robert Lucas ElementaryPhone:    688-1140830 Southlawn DriveIowa City IA 52245Children in kindergarten thru sixth grade attend Robert Lucas Elementary.

Southeast Junior High    Phone:    688-1070 Bradford DriveIowa City IA 52240Children in seventh and eighth grades attend Southeast Junior High.City HighPhone:    688-1040 Morningside DriveIowa City IA 52245Children in grades 9 thru 12 attend City High.

REGINA INTER-PARISH CATHOLIC EDUCATION CENTER is accredited by the Iowa State Department of Education and operates in the Diocese of Davenport. Children of other denominations are welcome. Please check with Regina with any questions you may have regarding their services and curriculum.

School bus service is available in conjunction with buses serving the Iowa City Community School district. Please contact the appropriate Regina School with busing questions.

REGINA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Phone: 337-5739 2120 Rochester Ave. Iowa City IA 52245 http://www.icregina.com Children in kindergarten thru sixth grade attend Regina Elementary School.

REGINA JUNIOR/SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Phone: 338-5436 2150 Rochester Ave. Iowa City IA 52245 http://www.icregina.com Children in grades 7 thru 12 attend Regina Junior/Senior High School.

Security Deposit

Tenant shall pay prior to or at the time of entering into a Rental Agreement, a security deposit equal to no less than one month’s rent. Landlord shall, within thirty days of the date of termination of the Rental Agreement and having received by written request which shall include the tenant’s current mailing address, refund said security deposit less any portion retained by landlord. If any portion of the security deposit is retained by landlord, landlord shall provide a written statement specifying landlords’ reason(s) for retaining said portion. If additional expenses are incurred by landlord for the restoration of the lot due to actions or inactions of tenant or their agent(s), landlord may provide tenant with an itemized invoice of said restoration expenses and tenant shall reimburse landlord immediately upon receipt of said invoice. Failure of tenant to reimburse landlord may result in appropriate legal action(s) being pursued. If no written request regarding the security deposit refund is received from the tenant by landlord within one year of termination, the security deposit shall revert to the landlord and the tenant will be deemed as to have forfeited all rights to the security deposit refund.


If any provision hereof or of the applicable Rules and Regulations shall be deemed unlawful, the same shall be severable from the remainder of the Rental Agreement and the remaining Rules and Regulations, which shall be enforceable in all respects without reference to such unlawful provision(s).


Modern Manor maintains and operates its own sewage treatment facility. Sewage treatment is provided by Modern Manor as a part of your monthly rent payment. Modern Manor will keep the main sewer lines (defined as the below ground lines running under the streets) open and running at all times. Any stoppage within the branch sewer lines (defined as those lines necessary to remove sewage from the unit to the main sewer line and shall include the line below ground from the unit to the main sewer line) shall be the responsibility of the tenant. Any and all damage to the branch sewer line, including freezing of caused by an improperly installed or maintained heat tape, shall be the responsibility of the tenant. Water may NOT be allowed to run as an attempt to prevent freezing of sewage lines. Surface water shall not be diverted to sewer lines.Each tenant shall be responsible for a clean and tight sewer connection and shall inspect, or have inspected, said connection a minimum of twice per year. Sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, condoms, and other foreign objects (oils, non-degradable papers, toys and excess garbage, to include raw fruit vegetable peels), are to be kept out of the sewer lines.The tenant shall be responsible for any cost for branch sewer line clean-out or repair, to include a charge for any assistance provided by Modern Manor’s staff.


Siding of homes currently in Modern Manor may be of wood, masonite or vinyl siding of an earth tone color. Trim around windows, doors, eves, etc. may be of a “highlighted” color. Repair or replacement of damaged siding may be of the current same material. Consideration should be given to installing vinyl siding if a major repair or replacement is contemplated. New homes moving in to Modern Manor shall have siding in accordance with stipulations listed in the HOME INSTALLATION section of these Rules and Regulations.


For Sale signs or advertising signs are not allowed to be displayed in Modern Manor, including on the home, in the yard, in the windows of the home, nor on the Modern Manor side of Scott Blvd. Signs are NOT to be posted on the mail boxes.


All homes shall have brown vertically ribbed designed steel skirting matching other homes currently in Modern Manor. Skirting is to be installed using a “J” channel installation method by a reputable experienced person and shall be done in accordance with manufacturers requirements. Skirting is to be “plumb” (straight up and down). Vents are to be included every fifth panel at a minimum. Corner pieces are to be installed, with no “wrap-around” corners. Bracing for skirting over 30 inches high is required. Access doors with two handles each are to be installed to provide access to the unit’s electrical, water and sewage connection locations. Skirting must be kept clean and in good repair at all times. Damaged pieces are to be replaced immediately. Skirting is to be kept closed at all times to assist with heating and air conditioning and to keep animals from entering under the unit.


Only those solicitors who have received approval from management shall be allowed in Modern Manor. All others will be asked to immediately stop soliciting and will be requested to leave the grounds. Should a solicitor approach your home, please advise them of this policy and request they contact the office, should they wish. Please immediately advise management with a description of the solicitor so management may take appropriate steps to advise the solicitor of Modern Manor’s policy. Children of tenants will be allowed to solicit for school related organizations (Brownies, Girls or Boy Scouts, etc.) for fund raising (magazine, musical CDs, popcorn, candy, etc. sales). Please contact management prior to allowing your children to begin solicitation.

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds are recommended unless there is a garage attached to the unit. Only 1 shed is allowed per home site. All storage sheds are to be constructed of wood or vinyl siding with a color scheme to match the home. Particle board siding of sheds is not allowed. Sheds must be a minimum of 8 feet by 8 feet and may not exceed 12 feet by 20 feet. The side wall heights may not exceed 8 feet. Sheds are to be located to the rear of the lot and there location shall be no less than 10 feet away from any neighboring unit. Sheds are to be located a minimum of six feet away from the home to allow for the usage of commercial sized lawn mowing between the home and the shed. Exterior lots shall allow a 10 foot clearance zone from the utility lines located at the back of exterior lots. Interior lots shall allow a 5 foot clearance zone from the utility lines located at the back of interior lots. If the shed is located behind the home, the doors shall face toward the open yard. If the shed is located in the open yard space, the doors shall face the street. Sheds are to be placed on a concrete pad or piers for the purpose of leveling. Sheds with treated floor framing may be set on the ground but must be level. The bottom of the shed is to be animal proof. It is suggested that a minimum of 6 inches at the bottom of the shed be lined with skirting to prevent damage from lawn mowers and trimmers. If a material other than skirting is used for this 6 inch lining, Modern Manor will not be responsible for damage caused by lawn mowers and/or trimmers.