A New Concept in Quality Living.

Modern Manor, Inc. is not just another mobile home park. It is a quality community specifically planned to offer an enhanced quality of life to its residents.

The Modern Manor concept provides:

  • High quality neighborhood environment.
  • Complete package of services at no extra cost!
    • snow removal
    • grass cutting
    • door-to-door trash and garbage pickup, and uniform trash enclosures
    • landscaping and trees
    • extended family basic cable TV
    • water and sewer at no extra charge
    • paved streets
  • Real estate taxes paid.
  • New streets, sidewalks, and other facilities installed, WITHOUT ASSESSMENT.
  • Unsightly utilities safely underground—no poles or wires.
  • Close to schools—school buses at entrance.
  • Near shopping center and grocery stores.
  • Very low traffic density.
  • City bike trail nearby.
  • Locally owned by enlightened management.
  • Entire community is restricted to better quality, wood sided homes. Result is particularly attractive neighborhood with lots of warmth and appeal

Isn’t this the sort of neighborhood in which you would like to live?

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Welcome to Modern Manor.
Sunday, 13 April 2008

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